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Professional Experience:

Cellular Data Communications Software
Developed software to interface cellular radios to public terminals. This software established wireless data connections and managed data transfer sessions using CSD and GPRS. Developed firmware for sending text messages using a cellular radio. This included driver firmware for text entry on a 10-key keypad using multi-tap.

Detection of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Hazards
Design and development of detectors for fixed and portable applications. Worked with scientists and biologists to develop prototypes employing their detector technologies. Designed and programmed embedded controllers in C and assembly to control fluidics valves, pumps, and stepper motors to run an array of biological assays. Designed a scripting system and PC support software so the biologists could modify and download scripts of their assays. Designed and programmed embedded controllers for simulation doser systems. Programming in C and Visual C++ for embedded PC platforms including PC104 and others. Developed software for controllers interfaced to cameras to capture bio-luminescence and perform image analysis including regionalization and calculation of intensity statistics on regions. Designed and implemented PC software for a Human-Machine Interface linked to a network of detectors. Built protocol adapters to put various detectors on a common bus. Integrated and tested these systems on unmanned vehicles operating over a wireless link.

Marine Electronics Software
Design and development of marine and land vehicle instrumentation. Developed embedded systems software from the ground up including stepper motor drivers, sensor drivers, serial communications, and vehicle protocols. Programming in C for Intel 8051 and Motorola HC08 processors using in-circuit emulators for debugging. Development of support software projects for Windows using Visual Basic.
Examples include:
1) Simulating sensors on a vehicle to drive instruments for testing and demonstration.
2) A utility for creating and downloading binary config files to the embedded system of an instrument.

Telecommunications Software
Designed and developed smart public telephone products.
Embedded systems experience including serial communications protocols, modem control, database access, voice generation, voice detection, LCD displays, and magnetic stripe and chip card readers.
Programming in C and assembly for the Z180/64180 and Intel 8051 processors with in-circuit emulators for debugging.
Developed supporting software projects for Windows using Visual Basic:
Examples include:
1) A utility for creating binary files of voice data with indexing to construct phrases.
2) A utility to display diagnostic information retrieved from the embedded system.
Developed software for Windows using Visual C++:
Examples include:
1) Protocol for managing data transfers with the embedded system.
2) Development and debug of a system that manages large networks of terminals.

Inkjet Printer Software
Modified the firmware of an inkjet printer to convert it into a two axis printer. I also worked on the mechanical design and constructed prototypes.

Data Acquisition Software
Created a Visual Basic program to acquire data from eight vacuum chamber instruments through serial communications ports and create an output file for import into spreadsheet. The program provided inputs for sample rate and the duration of the experiment. Required learning and working with multiple proprietary protocols and various serial standards.

Equipment Monitoring Software
Designed and developed the firmware for monitoring the volume of fluid flow through dispenser valves. The module stores the data and reports it periodically through a serial interface. The module can also control outputs to valves in response to input conditions.
Programmed in assembly for a Microchip PIC microcontroller.
Design and development of support software using Visual Basic for data collection and display.

Network Administration
Setup a networked patent searching database with multiple workstations.

Electronics Hardware
Extensive work with digital hardware including microprocessors and surrounding peripherals.
Also designed a low battery shutdown circuit for a GPS unit. The shutdown and re-powering of the unit required hysteresis to prevent oscillation.

Database Software
Developed a Windows product for an insurance company to replace their DOS product. Used Visual Basic for the front end and Novell Btrieve for the database.

Boat Design and Construction
Design and construction of four boats. Study of hydrodynamics and boat design. Good knowledge of engineering materials and structural analysis. Design of a software function for developing curved surfaces. Conversion of my software function into a function for AutoCAD using AutoLISP. Strong problem solving skills and contribution of innovative ideas.

Primary Strengths:

Strong problem solving skills and frequent contribution of innovative ideas. Well rounded skill set from design work on a PC to hands-on working with tools.


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS - December 1991
A.A. in Electronics Engineering Technology, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS - May 1985